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EWR Airport Car Service

EWR Airport Car Service

Indeed, Newark is in fact an ideal New York City airport through and through, despite the fact that it's in an alternate state. What's more, it's about a similar...

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Indeed, Newark is in fact an ideal New York City airport through and through, despite the fact that it's in an alternate state. What's more, it's about a similar distance from Manhattan as JFK, so it's easy to expect that flying into Newark is equivalent to flying into JFK. But it won’t be true every time.

Newark is notoriously hard to reach if you’re traveling on the subway or NJ Transit, and a taxi regularly costs $70-100. Why? It has to do with the charge to get into the city ($15+) and the traffic on the extensions and passages. People don't normally fly into Newark since it's simply excessively far because of a large number of factors. A flight must be at least $200 cheaper for an average person to try and think about flying into EWR.

How would you get to and from Newark Airport by metro or transport?

The only thing good about traveling to Newark is the Newark Airport Express transport, which is the ideal way to get from Newark to Manhattan. This wonder of janky transport gets people from Penn Station (in Manhattan, a 10-minute stroll from Times Square) to any terminal at Newark quickly. It might sound unthinkable, and it is, but with perseverance and patience, it does work out.

The express transport costs $18 (one-way) and runs from 4:45 am to 2 am (it begins at 44:15 am from EWR). It stops at Port Authority, Grand Central, and Bryant Park and doesn't shop elsewhere. Assuming you like to travel by bus, you'll adore the Newark Airport Express.

How much does it cost to get to and from Newark Airport from Manhattan?

Getting to Newark on the train is simply a confusing nightmare. The stops are all named Penn Station (there's one in Manhattan and New Jersey), and you need to transfer like multiple times from different spots in NYC. In the event that you're rich, take a taxi; assuming that you're destitute, take the bus.

If you're going to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx from Newark, you'll be hit with tolls and awful flight times. Whenever you crash into the city of New York from the New Jersey side, you need to pay a cost. What's even more frustrating is the amount; it's a frightful cost of $15 to $17 per vehicle depending upon which bridge you use. When you take a taxi, that cost gets slapped onto the cost of your passage both ways.

Fly out of Newark airport if you want to save money or leave at 3 a.m.In any case, it's not worth the effort except if you're saving at least $200 on your airfare. Now what’s the alternative to this mess? Take an private car service NYC with Global Elite Car.

After hearing all of these terrifying facts about Newark Airport, you might consider never using it again, but what if there is a more comfortable way to travel through it?Try renting an EWR airport car service from Global Elite Car and arrive at the airport or get picked up from the airport in comfort, in style, and on time.

Taking a New York airport car service all the way to New Jersey might sound expensive, but we put your needs before everything else. We offer premium car services along with a trusted fleet of chauffeurs but at affordable prices that won't put a dent in your pocket.

Global Elite Car is a luxury car rental  NYC which is here to help you avoid the hassle of bus and subway travel. It offers premium airport car services NYC to all business and private airports in the region. All airports, including the far-flung Newark International Airport, are served by our car service. We offer our customers extravagant chauffeured vehicles to give them premium comfort and an unforgettable experience.

When you think about needing a ride to or from the airport or across town, think Global Elite Car because we provide low-cost prices and quick, solid assistance. We offer reasonable, helpful, and safe airport transportation choices, including private vans, constant rides, executive car service NYC, and shared-ride airport shuttle services. 

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