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Global Limo USA has provided executive limousine service, wedding limousine service, prom limousine service, and leisure limousine services to clients in Long Island, New York City, Westchester, Newark, JFK Airport, and LGA Airport. Global Limo USA also provides luxury tour bus service and party bus service for private parties, corporate events, senior tours, and more. 

Black Escalade ESV 2020

Arrive in vogue whereas experiencing the luxurious comfort of the Cadillac Escalade ESV. This vehicle offers lots of area for up to six passengers with ample storage space

Black Lincoln Navigator 2021

Enjoy the luxury of new generation navigator, its fascinating

Sedan Cadillac XTS

Want a comfortable trip to your hotel or any event venue? Book our Classic Cadillac XTS

Black Escalade ESV 2021

Move comfortably and in style with the newest generation Escalade


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Global Limo USA

Global Limo USA offers premium car services in NYC, wedding limousine services, prom limousine services, and recreational limousine services to customers in Long Island, New York City, Westchester, and Newark. Apart from that, we offer extravagant airport car services in NYC Airport to JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

We are proud to say that Global Executive Limousine is the best limousine service in NYC. We invest heavily in presenting our customers with the best fleet of extravagant limos. Our armada incorporates a wide variety of stretch limousines and town vehicles. Our talented staff is always readily available to cater to the needs of our customers. We work 24x7 to give them premium comfort and an unforgettable experience.

For Corporate Business, the Best Luxury Car Service in NYC

Business trips have become an essential part of business. Showing up on time for conferences is one of the most fundamental signs of professionalism. So, keeping that in mind, rent the best luxury car in NYC and arrive at your business conferences in style and on time, or pick up your VIP clients in a fabulous, luxurious limo to make a good impression. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the care and comfort we give to each of our customers.

You can relax and enjoy the luxurious experience, take business calls, work, and do all sorts of work while riding in one of our premium limousines. You can do everything you can't do while driving a car, such as answer phone calls, hold a long conversation, and send messages. Hiring executive car services in NYC gives you the freedom to be more productive without having to worry about parking space, fuel quantities, or looking for taxis.

Once you are free from worrying about these recreational things, you can focus better on your business trip and give your best to your clients. This will result in a successful trip and, subsequently, more profits for your business. So what are you waiting for? Rent a luxury car in NYC with us and let us be instrumental in your success.

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Airport Car Services: Global Limo USA offers premium airport car services in NYC for all business and private airports in the region. Our car service is available for JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark International airports. We offer our customers extravagant chauffeured vehicles to give them premium comfort and an unforgettable experience.

Global Limo USA is equipped with a wide armada of executive vehicles. This includes a wide variety of cars, limos, and vans that allow us to cater to both solo travelers as well as large groups travelling together. Our expert drivers are known for their punctuality and offer services with the utmost care. Apart from comfort, valuing time is also our top priority. Our airport car services in New York are exceptionally trustworthy, and our drivers are constantly on the lookout for flight timings to guarantee they're never inconvenienced.

When you think about needing a ride to or from the airport or across town, think Global Limo USA because we provide low-cost prices and quick, solid assistance. We offer reasonable, helpful, and safe airport transportation choices, including private vans, constant rides, premium airport car services, and shared-ride air terminal shuttle services.

Business: When you’re on a business trip, we take care of all your travel needs while you solely focus on your work. While you are busy working hard for your business, we make sure that you reach all your meetings on time and later reach your hotel safely so that you can relax after a long day. Our exclusive limousines offer the utmost comfort with comfortable seating and a wide area where they can sit and relax, work on presentations, take business calls, or just enjoy the surroundings. So when you think about hiring an business car service in New York, think about us.

Wedding: Weddings are the most important days of a person’s life and the most chaotic days too. It is the one day where everything is supposed to get done on time, and ironically, nothing gets done on time. There are tears, screams, and frustrations all over when something or someone is running late, and it just spoils the entire occasion. This is where we come in; while we cannot take over the entire wedding, we can contribute in our small way to ensure that things and people arrive on time. We make sure the guests and the bride and groom reach the venue on time. Our chauffeurs know the city very well, so they know which routes are the fastest. So rest assured that everything will be beautiful, magical and on time. Also, when the ceremony ends, our limo is waiting elegantly outside, decorated perfectly, to sweep the bride and groom off to their happily ever after.

Birthdays: Birthday parties are always fun. It is your day and everything about that day is about you. So how about taking it up a notch and feeling like the celebrity you were born to be? Hire the best luxury car service in NYC and arrive at your birthday party in a limo. Cruise around the city with your friends and feel like you’re in a music video. That’s what Global Limo USA is all about: making their customers feel like celebrities.

Proms: High school is all about studying hard, playing hard, and, of course, partying hard. Prom is the most awaited night of the school year. Everyone is ready to rock and make it a night to remember. What will make this night unforgettable? That’s right, arriving in a luxurious limo. Our services include providing the best limousine service in NYC for prom nights.

Along with giving high school kids a celebrity-like experience with our spacious, comfortable cars, we value their safety. Our drivers are responsible and vigilant; they pick the kids up on time and make sure they reach their home at the exact designated time prescribed by their parents. Along the way, they make sure nothing illegal is happening in the car and no one is in any kind of danger.

Wine & Ride: Getting away from the congestion of the city and enjoying a relaxing day at a vineyard is all a person needs to recharge. So, understanding the value of well-being and being a great concierge of wines ourselves, we offer wine and ride services.

Global Limo USA has collaborated with some of the best vineyards in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island to offer the best deal to our customers for a rich, revitalizing experience. Show up in style in a Global Executive Limousine and spend the day sipping exotic wines, checking out the vineyards, seeing the entire process happen in front of you, and recharging your social, emotional, and physical batteries.
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