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Cadillac Escalade

Car Features

  • Black Leather Interior

  • On Board Wi-Fi

  • 6 Passangers

  • Device Charger

  • Sun Roof


With leather-trimmed seats in the first two rows, power trim in the front row and a variety of configurations for the second and third rows, the Lincoln MKT offers a personalized and comfortable experience. A second row that does not play a secondary role.


  • Center console on the 1st row floor with armrests and 2 cup holders

  • Manual shadows on the second row side windows

  • 12 Volt Outlets (4)

  • 110 volt / 150 watt AC receptacle. in the back of the center console of the first row floor

  • Ambient lighting

  • Automatic dimming mirror

  • Cabin Particle Air Filter

  • Network for packages

  • Protection plates on the thresholds of the doors.

  • Vista Roof® fixed glass panoramic roof with electric shadows. front and back

  • Power windows with “drop” function with one touch, lid with a “up / down” touch and global opening / closing with a touch on all windows

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