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Renting vs. Driving Your Own Car on a Road Trip

You have meticulously planned every detail of your upcoming road trip. You've reserved lodging, scheduled excursions, and even noted the must-try restaurants and bars. But who is operating the vehicle? What then? Not everyone wants to grab their keys when they need to travel a long distance. Road trips can result in high mileage and regular maintenance costs, and those are just the well-known drawbacks of driving your own car. 


When deciding whether to drive your own car or rent a La Guardia AirPort car service for your upcoming road trip, you'll need to factor in things like gas mileage, rental JFK airport limo service insurance, vehicle depreciation, and more. We'll go over everything in terms of dollars and cents. (One last thing: make sure to check for any state-imposed travel restrictions before you begin planning your road trip. This will prevent you from having to make an unforeseen U-turn in your driving plans.)


Can Renting an EWR airport car service for a Road Trip Save You Money?

It should go without saying that renting a jfk airport car service would be more expensive than using the one in your driveway for a road trip. But on occasion, renting a JFK airport limo service might be less expensive. Think about the following:


Car insurance

Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, the cost of rental jfk airport limo service insurance could increase your daily rate by as much as $30.


1 For as little as $11 per calendar day, which offers primary collision loss/damage insurance coverage up to $50,000. You also receive 24-Hour Hotline Assistance, so you can call your rental service whenever you need help while driving.


It can save you a ton of money if you end up damaging the rental La Guardia Airport car service you're driving. This is due to the fact that if you suffer a covered loss, there is no deductible to pay. However, if you choose to use your own insurance coverage, you will be responsible for paying the deductible, which could be $500, $1,000, or more, and your insurance rates could increase as a result of the claim.


Costs of Depreciation

Even if you don't immediately notice it, a lengthy road trip can cause expensive damage to your car. The engine, the tires, and other moving parts experience some wear and tear with each mile. By-mile wear-and-tear cost calculation is made simple. For a 2,000-mile road trip, the typical rate for a large EWR airport car service SUV is about 34 cents per mile, or $680.


Fuel economy.

Consider leaving your daily driver, a GMC Yukon that gets 17 mpg combined, parked and hiring a fuel-sipper for your road trip instead. Instead, rent a 2019 Prius Eco and get an average combined fuel economy of 56 mpg. This means that a single gallon of gas will allow you to travel more than three times as far.


Lease Sanctions

Long road trips might also be avoided by people who lease their vehicles. If you drive more than the contracted mileage, which is typically 12,000 or less per year, you'll be charged a fine of up to 30 cents per mile.


You'll need a pencil, some paper, and a calculator if the overall cost of driving your own car versus a rental car is the main factor influencing your choice.


To start, research rental car deals so you can estimate your costs. The best value is typically found in weekly rates. Don't forget to include gas expenses, rental insurance, and any other fees.


You must now calculate the cost of operating your own vehicle. This entails knowing how far you'll travel overall, calculating the local gas prices you'll encounter, and taking into account the fuel efficiency of your own car.


You know what's simpler than doing all this math, right? Use the car comparison tool for a road trip instead of your own vehicle.


Additional Motives to Consider Car Rental for a Road Trip

You're too attached to your car.

You might be hesitant to put 5,000 miles on a brand-new car in a week if you're still having trouble identifying it in parking lots. You probably want your car to look new as long as it still has that new-car smell, which is more of a psychological barrier.


You're eager to experiment.

A road trip might be the ideal opportunity to test-drive a new car. After all, it's a much more thorough experience than driving a salesperson awkwardly around the dealership for a brief lap.


Your vehicle is unreliable.

You already know the answer if you drive a beater—a rust bucket that's due for retirement at the junkyard. It is in no way fit to be used for a road trip; it is barely capable of getting you to the end of the driveway.


You are much less likely to have roadside issues in a rental car. If it does, you can always get assistance by calling the 24-Hour Hotline. Just be aware that most rental services don't cover roadside assistance and towing. Instead, they are designed to cover expenses in the event that a car you're renting is stolen, damaged in a recognized accident, or left unattended.


You simply want a fun ride. 

When your current vehicle isn't quite adequate for the journey, there is still one factor to take into account, even though it may seem trivial and wholly self-serving. That is true, after all. Even if it's in perfect condition, you might want a JFK airport car service that drives quickly, looks cool, or simply isn't a 1997 Mercury Tracer. Keep in mind that a road trip is typically a vacation. It's a chance to relax and treat yourself a little. Some people prefer hot stone massages, while others enjoy opening the sunroof and revving a V6 on a long drive. If you want to rent a luxury vehicle, we've even provided some recommendations.


You require a larger, stronger, and safer vehicle.

For instance, if you drive a rear-wheel-drive conversion van and your road trip will include mountainous terrain, you might want to think about renting a JFK airport car service. In a similar vein, if there are six of you going camping and your compact car and you got the short stick, start looking at rental sites.

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